Your Website is unique, and so should be your Marketing and your Sales.

Mixed Media is your complete Online Marketing, Advertising and Sales Solution that brings eyeballs to your site and then converts your traffic to revenue.

Mixed Media enables agencies and their clients to plan and manage a custom Internet Ad and Sales Campaign for maximum effectiveness and highest value. Through our proven online programs and proprietary technology, Mixed Media provides a full-service, custom-designed solution for your website, your traffic and your sales.

We first start with your goals. We find your audience through our guerilla marketing tactics and target them through keyword coding, search engine registration, creative placement, banner swaps, text links, press releases, email, chatroom participation, newsgroup posts, and other permission marketing tactics.

Once your advertising campaign is running, Mixed Media will manage the Internet Campaign for its maximum effectiveness and highest value. Through its experience and insight, Mixed Media will review with you the results as established through several methods of reporting and adjust priorities to fine-tune the Internet Campaign for its maximum effectiveness.

Mixed Media will then convert your traffic to revenue through its proven moneymaking methods. We find the right sponsors and advertisers and maximize your revenue by ensuring that your site is effective with its banner and pop-up sales, text link sales, opt-in and opt-out registration with email sales, data capture and mining, and co-branding. You will maximize your sales with your sponsors and advertisers, which are just as targeted as your traffic.

Your website is unique. Your traffic is unique. Your sales are unique. We can help find eyeballs and convert them.

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